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The Cicadas Analysis free essay sample

Judith Wright was a political poet who concerned herself with many social issues which eventually became extremely personal to her. These issues manifested themselves in her poetry. She mixed words with deeds which explored the spiritual dimension of the Australian land. She believed that the role of the poet was that of a public figure with a responsibility for opposing the negative social forces and inhumane attitudes that degrade human life and the environment. Consequently nothing in Judith Wrights poems are inane or arbitrary, everything serves a specific purpose. The values that she concerns her poetry with are same values that she fought for in the political arena. Judith Wright uses figurative language in her poetry as a vehicle to foreground these values and personal and social issues, and is evident in the poem, â€Å"The Cicadas.† Figurative language is Language that communicates ideas beyond the ordinary or literal meaning of the words such as metaphor, slimily, personification, symbolism and paradoxes. We will write a custom essay sample on The Cicadas Analysis or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Judith Wright felt it was her role to protect those who could not protect them self and passionately involved herself in many social issues such as the conservation of the environment and protection of the Aboriginal people, which in itself also became a personal issue of Wrights. Many of her beliefs stemmed from her father who taught her that we are a part of the environment, not the rulers of it. In the mid-sixties she co-founded the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland and increasingly threw herself into active environmental work and continued to do so until the last decade of her life. Along with her profound awareness of environmental problems came a new understanding of the terrible wrongs inflicted on the Aboriginal people, Consequently urging her to become involved in organizations attempting to rectify these situations. It is interesting that Wright has focused an entire poem on such a small and seemingly insignificant creature, the cicada. This conveys to the audience  that even such a simple, humble creature such as this is just as effective as any thing else in teaching us the importance of nature and the need to conserve and protect it. Even though the poem begins with a description of the harsh and scorching Australian landscape, that Wright so powerfully adores and works to protect, the mood in this stanza is light hearted and relaxed. The line â€Å"in yellow days in summer† uses the colour yellow as imagery which is symbolic of the heat and also sets the mood for this particular stanza as warm, comfortable and mellow, which is further emphasized by other words such as â€Å"stillness,† and the line â€Å"birds fall quiet.† The line â€Å"streams sink in their beds,† personifies the streams, creating the image of the stream resting and relaxing as if human and adds to the calm and joyous mood of this first stanza. This mood that is conveyed and felt by the reader makes them appreciate nature for what it is and by doing so brings to the fore Judith Wrights belief in the conservation of the environment, because it is so gentile and beautiful and the way it can make us feel, Wright makes the reader understand that it is essential to protect it. In the first stanza Wright uses personification in order to humanize and bring nature to life. This makes the audience feel connected to it on a deeper level almost as if it is human. Summer is personified as hands that press down and harden the earth. The fact that summer is said to have hands gives it a very human aspect. Wright connects with nature on such a deep level that it could almost be considered as a human relation ship, by personifying summer Wright intends to make the audience feel this way as well, which then poses the question, How can we destroy nature when it is so much like us? Wright refers to the nymphs, which are the wingless cicadas before they mature into their adult form, and describes them as having spent their entire life â€Å"crouched alone and dumb in patent ugliness enduring the humble dark.† Wright uses her extensive knowledge of the English language to create a paradox by using the word nymph, they are described as ugly, however the word has a double meaning and also refers to a minor nature goddess usually depicted as a beautiful maiden. This paradox could possibly serve the purpose of conveying that even the superficially ugly aspects of the natural world have a strong element of beauty if we are prepared to look for it. Due to her close affinity and love of nature Wright believes that every natural aspect of the world is beautiful, and no matter how aesthetically unpleasing they may be every living creature must be cherished and defended as they can not fend for themselves. The line â€Å"hanging on the trees blood dreamed vaguely the dreams of trees,† suggests the connection between flora and fauna. This connection is a primary belief of the aborigines and by mentioning this in her poem Wright subtlety foregrounds the cultural identity of the aborigines and grants them respect. Wright describes the life of the nymphs as sad lonely, ugly and dark. These creatures can live at this stage of their life for up to seven years waiting patiently until they are finally ready to mature into their adult form. The line â€Å"they neither slept nor woke† suggests a life of routine and dullness, lacking purpose. The third stanza resembles that of a birth, â€Å"an unmade body wakes,† and is highlighted by the imagery, for example â€Å"fights to break its motherly enclosing ground,† but it is not birth in the literal sense. It is the nymph maturing into the adult form of the cicada. Wright has employed a powerful paradox using figurative language in the line â€Å"these dead must dig their upward grave in fear.† When a nymph is about to mature into a cicada it digs upwards to the surface to leave its old life, which was described as death, behind , where finally it can begin to search for love. However when they reach the surface they only live for a couple of weeks, so are essentially digging upward graves and this happier existence is transient like many of the pleasures in our life. This theme of love is referred to in this poem a number of times. In the  fourth stanza Wright represents love as an â€Å"unmerciful blade† that â€Å"has pierced us through.† By personifying the cicada and making it feel love and other emotions, the reader can identify with it on a deeper level as they feel empathy for its struggles and sadness and triumph in its successes and love, they actually care about its existence and well being in the world, which consequently means they would hope for the conservation of this and other creatures of the world. A similar effect is created in the last line of the fourth stanza and onwards. The poet adopts the persona of the cicada and feels that she is one with them, which makes the poem much more personal, once again making it much easier for the reader to relate to the cicada. The last stanza conveys a triumphant mood where at long last the nymphs have matured into adult cicadas and can rejoice in love in the natural world, like in their dreams. In contrast to the dark imagery in the first stanza, light is used to create a sense of joy and love, which Judith Wright hopes can for ever exist, so long as we do our part in the conservation of this beautiful world.

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Pestle analysis food industry free essay sample

. We are a government recognized Star export house and deal in Spices, Oil seeds and Dehydrated vegetables. Our main markets are Russia, Eastern Europe and The Middle East. We plan to expand our business into Brazil, Ukraine, Poland and Taiwan. Through the analysis we will try to look into several factors that we think will have an impact on our future investment plans. 2. 0 INDUSTRY ANALYSIS: PESTEL FRAMEWORK 2. 1 Political Factors. Internal factors In India as in elsewhere politics and economics get intertwined quite often. Sudden ban on exports of products such as onion, rice etc. have an adverse effect on our business. Many a time these policy decisions (Bans) are more of a knee jerk reaction to sudden crises rather than a well thought out strategy. This leads to disruption of supplies to the markets that traditionally the Indian exporter’s supply to and eventually gives an opportunity for other countries to get into the market. We will write a custom essay sample on Pestle analysis food industry or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Also, NCDEX although is a tool for better price realization what it is actually leading to is more speculation leading to abnormal fluctuations in the commodities market. (b) External factors: The west is looking towards Asia for new markets. But wants to continue to subsidies its farm produce while at the same time it expects concessions from the developing nations. Many a times instead of putting bans they put non-tariff barriers which is an indirect mode of trade protectionism. Hence today most of the countries have their own Free Trade Agreements with other nations. The ability of a nation to have a balanced trade negotiations and in return get special access to markets leads to economic as well as political benefits. For example there are special trade incentives given by governments for doing business with lesser known and more risky regions such as the CIS countries under the Focus Market scheme. War and political unrest also effects our trade as it leads to increase in uncertainty. For example during the Arab spring there was a decline in trade between Egypt and the world due to the political unrests. Egypt is a major supplier of cumin seeds, dehydrated onion same as India. But due to shortage of these goods the international prices shot up and countries like India and China benefited from this. In many countries including Indiathere is debate going on GMO (genetically modified) and Non–GMO food (non-genetically modified). There is no clear cut decision being taken on the issue leading to uncertainty in the agricultural development of the country. Effect of impact: High impact Dimension: Both micro as well as Macro level Time: All the factors mentioned will have the impact on the present as well as future growth of the company. 2. 2 Economical Factors Economic factors are of concern to Deepkamal Exports Pvt Ltd as they are likely to influence demand, costs, prices and profits. Most of the economic factors are largely outside the control of the company, but their effects on performance and the marketing mix can be profound. Although our business with other countries is growing and is expected to contribute a greater amount to company’s profits over the next few years, the company is still highly dependent on the Russian market. Hence, the company would be badly affected by any slowdown in the Russian food market and hence we are exposed to market concentration risks. The other economic factors that have impact are listed as below: Economic Criteria’s to look for Reason Population of the country As it is one of the indicators of possible higher consumption As to the composition of the food industry Our products are mainly used in confectionary, meat and ready to eat food industry. This data helps us to decide which markets to focus upon. Per capita income and therefore disposable income Another indicator of whether a market is price sensitive or willing to pay a premium for quality products. Effect of impact: Positive Degree of impact: High Forecast for future: With the advent of institutions such as world trade organization, free trade organizations the economies are becoming more and more intertwined. If we consider the factors mentioned above then we will have a better chance to enter these markets as well as an increased chance of establishing business in future. 2. 3 Social/Cultural Factors Since we are into exports â€Å"Social factors† that affect us are mostly macro–environmental in nature. The food habits of the importing country is of great importance to us. The existing and acceptance of new tastes. Also, increasingly due to the busy lifestyle there are more and more instances were both members of a family are working. This has led to people consuming more ready to eat food products. Many of the European countries face severe winters which makes them stock food ingredients for the duration of the winter. Due to globalization people are getting exposed to different types of cuisine. This has given a boost to food and beverage industries were our products are used. In The Middle East the spices and herbs used in cooking are quite similar to that of India and hence a huge market for us. Effect of impact: Positive Degree of impact: Moderate Forecast for future: As people are getting exposed to different cultures and cuisines as well as migration of people from one part of the world to another food habits and tastes are evolving. Indian food especially the chicken curry has become a house hold dish in UK and Europe and hopefully around the world. We see demand for our products to be stable in the near future. 2. 4 Technological Factors It is an aspect which is rapidly gaining in importance. Many a times due to lack of technological advancement in our agricultural and food processing technology we lose out on final product and quality. This make Indian goods costlier as there are more wastages during the various processes. Also, the care that needs to be taken post-harvest is improper due to which Indian food products fail to meet the micro- biological specifications of many importing countries. Technology is a major macro-environmental variable which has influenced the development of many of our products. The improvement in food processing and packaging technology has helped to us to get faster production as well as maintain quality. Although this area still requires a lot of improvement. More and more countries are putting strict micro biological parameters for food products which is making exports difficult to these countries. We require to rapidly adapt to new technologies such as steam sterilization treatment of food products and stricter implementation of laws against the use of banned pesticides which are still being used for farming. Effect of impact: Negative Degree of impact: High Forecast for future: In future if our agricultural techniques and post-harvest practices are not modernized then our agricultural output as well as global competitiveness of our food products will be severely affected. China by using collective farming and modern technology has managed to increase its yield per hectare and has gained grounds in markets were India used to be strong. Same is the case in Cashew industry where with mechanization the Vietnamese are fast catching up with the Indians. 2. 5 Environmental Factors As we are into agro-commodities the monsoon plays crucial role in our business. As Indian agriculture is heavily rain dependent this is one factor which we have no control over. This phenomenon is not just specific to India but the world over due to the effect of El-Nino in the pacific and La-Nina in Asia the weather patterns are changing. This has led to heavy flooding in some parts of the world and soaring temperatures and drought in other parts leading to destruction of crops. Effect of impact: Neutral Degree of impact: High Forecast for future: These factors are all external in nature and one has to take them in stride. It is not possible to do much forecasting in these matters. 2. 6 Legislative Factors These are mainly macro environmental variables which affect our business. Nowadays there is more and more legislation towards non-tariff barriers as developed countries while using mechanization / packaging are not price competitive vis-a-vis developing economies. Therefore more and more legislation is done to protect their industry. Effect of impact: Neutral Degree of impact: High Forecast for future: These factors are all external in nature and one has to take them in stride. It is not possible to do much forecasting in these matters. 2. 7 Ethics: Good trade practices are pre-requisite for any business to have longevity. We at Deepkamal Exports Pvt. Ltd believe that our adherence to ethical practices has helped us to reach wherever we are. In future also it will be our endeavor to stick to ethical practices in our endeavor to grow into large organization keeping in mind the welfare of all the stakeholders. By stakeholders we mean not only the customers but also the supplier, employees and all others involved in our business.

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History of Adhesives and Glue

History of Adhesives and Glue Archeologists excavating burial sites from 4000 BC have discovered clay pots repaired with glue made from tree sap. We know that the ancient Greeks developed adhesives for use in carpentry, and created recipes for glue that included the following items as ingredients: egg whites, blood, bones, milk, cheese, vegetables, and grains. Tar and beeswax were used by the Romans for glue. Around 1750, the first glue or adhesive patent was issued in Britain. The glue was made from fish. Patents were then rapidly issued for adhesives using natural rubber, animal bones, fish, starch, milk protein or casein. Superglue - Synthetic Glue Superglue or Krazy Glue is a substance called cyanoacrylate that was discovered by Dr. Harry Coover while working for Kodak Research Laboratories to develop an optically clear plastic for gunsights in 1942. Coover rejected cyanoacrylate because it was too sticky. In 1951, cyanoacrylate was rediscovered by Coover and Dr. Fred Joyner. Coover was now supervising research at the Eastman Company in Tennessee. Coover and Joyner were researching a heat-resistant acrylate polymer for jet canopies when Joyner spread a film of ethyl cyanoacrylate between refractometer prisms and discovered that the prisms were glued together. Coover finally realized that cyanoacrylate was a useful product and in 1958 the Eastman compound #910 was marketed and later packaged as superglue. Hot Glue - Thermoplastic Glue Hot glue or hot melt adhesives are thermoplastics that are applied hot (often using glue guns) and then harden as they cool. Hot glue and glue guns are commonly used for arts and crafts because of the wide range of materials that hot glue can stick together. Procter Gamble chemical and packaging engineer, Paul Cope invented thermoplastic glue around 1940 as an improvement to water-based adhesives that were failing in humid climates. This to That A nifty site that tells you what to use to glue anything to anything else. Read the trivia section for historical information. According to the â€Å"This to That† website, the famous cow used as the trademark on all Elmer’s glue products is actually named Elsie, and she is the spouse of Elmer, the bull (male cow) who the company is named after.

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How to Implement OnCreate Event for Delphi TFrame Object

How to Implement OnCreate Event for Delphi TFrame Object TFrame is a container for components; it can be nested within forms or other frames. A frame, like a form, is a container for other components. Frames can be nested within forms or other frames, and they can be saved on the Component palette for easy reuse. Missing OnCreate Once you start using frames, youll note theres no OnCreate event you can use to initialize your frames. In short, the reason that a frame does not have a OnCreate event is there is no good time to fire the event. However, by overriding the Create method you can mimic the OnCreate event. After all, the OnCreate for Forms gets fired at the end of the Create constructor - so overriding Create for Frames is as having the OnCreate event. Heres the source code of a simple frame exposing a public property and overriding the Create constructor: unit WebNavigatorUnit;interface uses   Ã‚  Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes,   Ã‚  Graphics, Controls, Forms, Dialogs, StdCtrls; type   Ã‚  TWebNavigatorFrame class(TFrame)  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  urlEdit: TEdit;  Ã‚  private   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  fURL: string;  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  procedure SetURL(const Value: string) ;  Ã‚  public   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent) ; override;  Ã‚  published   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  property URL : string read fURL write SetURL;  Ã‚  end;implementation{$R *.dfm} constructor TWebNavigatorFrame.Create(AOwner: TComponent) ;begin   Ã‚  inherited Create(AOwner) ;   //OnCreate code   Ã‚  URL :; end;procedure TWebNavigatorFrame.SetURL(const Value: string) ;begin   Ã‚  fURL : Value;   Ã‚  urlEdit.Text : Value; end;end. The WebNavigatorFrame acts as a website launcher hosting an edit and a button control. Note: if you are new to frames, make sure you read the following two articles: visual component development using frames, replacing tabsheets with frames.

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Health Article Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Health - Article Example It is also important to know that sexual health is affected by socio-economic and political factors. The physical factors include chronic illnesses and even medical treatment that hinders the sexual functioning of the human being. These also include sexually related diseases such as STIs/ HIV and reproductive tract infections. Infertility also contributes to sexual health problem. And this does not only serve as a physical factor but also emotional and mental. Among the mental factors, mental incapacity hinders us in achieving optimum sexual health. Retardation as a hindrance, have an effect on the sexual urges and the perceptions of a person suffering from mental retardation on sexuality. Anxiety and fear on the other hand is a by-factor of sexual coercions like rape and molestations. When anxiety is developed, a person looks at sexual relationship as a non-gratifying behaviour. When this happens, a person's sexual health is at risk. Social factors on the other hand go beyond medical concerns. These include sexual awareness leading to unwanted pregnancies, which can also have disturbing effects on the health of the women. It may also be linked with sexual coercion. Limited knowledge on safe sex also hinders general sexual health.

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Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 33

Case Study Example Britt might be compelled by the culture in the company, as informed by Sue, regarding the information provided by George. In the case, George is willing to disclose and use insider information for the company to present a winning bid, probably at a fee. The returns of the act might be big, but the acts of ensuring the tender wins are unethical. In this regard, Britt is entitled to at ethically, and avoid getting involved in the acts. As a matter of fact and responsibility, she is supposed to disclose such information to the management. The hardest part would be such disclosure as the ethical misdemeanor is led by the team leader, whilst the management can compromise such information to get the tender. Notwithstanding, Britt should go ahead and do the right thing, hoping for the best possible response from the company. As an ethics officer, it is vital to discuss the belief of discussing a pending proposal with a decision making team. The issue is hard to tackle, but very vital and relevant to the parties, as it tries to curb future malpractices. Ethical malpractices if discovered may make a company less appealing to the essential stakeholders, making it lose profitability. One way of communicating the issue to the firm is by engaging the workers in a one on one discussion. As an officer, one can approach the employees on a personal basis and enlighten them on the ills on such a behavior. The officer can research for various cases that negatively affected other companies and effects on individuals of such companies. Such information will be vital in ensuring that the employees are conversant with challenges of unethical practices and thus try to refrain from the same. Another practical way of ensuring that the employees of such a firm are addressed on the issue is organizing conferences. Such conferences should be well tailored to handle ethical issues and if necessary other issues on good corporate responsibilities. Such a move, even though initiated by an

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Video game controversy Essay Example for Free

Video game controversy Essay Technology has (had) come a long way since the early years of life. The use of technology to humans, is to enhance or improve whatever it may be to have a much quicker advancement or have a better and easy going lifestyle. But in the more recent years, technology has turned for the worst. Specifically speaking, video games. Video games in its early years were meant for a positive use, much like any other type of game; to simply act as a fun activity to pass time. That is not the case anymore because of how dangerously advanced and addicting video games can be. In fact it’s so dangerous nowadays that countries like South Korea are contemplating whether or not to ban video games. Why is it dangerous? Video games influence a type of negative social behavior, has a direct correlation to the cause of Insomnia, and is relevant to the increasing obesity rates in America. Playing video games can lead to many negative effects on a person. Video Games influence a type of negative social behavior. â€Å"The effects of videophilia are substantial and include obesity, attention disorders, lack of socialization and poor academic performance† (Video Game Addiction). The person (game player) may lose social skills and qualities depending on the level of video game addiction. Usually, the player is spending so much time on the game that he/ she is neglecting other areas of life. A common sign of video game addiction is constantly talking about the game almost constantly. â€Å" It is more likely to talk down upon a peer after a violent video game session† (Tiret). These types of social skills are not acceptable to continuously practice. The people that talk down on peers because of the violent video game session could go into depression or anxiety because of what others say or think about them. Young Children love playing rated M 18+ games that contain violence and other profound content (Parks). â€Å" the more time children and teens spend playing violent video games the more likely they are to display aggressive behavior† (Tiret). The more violent the game is, the more violent the player will be. It’s morally wrong to be mean for absolutely no reason towards other human beings. The effects on aggressive behavior can be long lasting (Tiret). A build up in anger is not healthy. If the constant aggression keeps up, the aggressive person will be ostracized by classmates or friends. Insomnia is easily caused by the lack of sleep, which is a common symptom of a video game addict. â€Å"Studies have shown that people deprived of contact with nature were at greater risk of depression and anxiety† (Wilderness Adventure). â€Å"In a study by Breslau and associates, patients with insomnia were nearly 4 times more likely to suffer major depression than those without insomnia† (Johnston). A depressed person will look at everything negatively and have no motivation to go outside. The person may even view his/ her life not even worth living. Stress and depression can be caused by a variety of things resulting in insomnia. Stress may be caused by hours on the computer playing a game without rest. Depression may hit the person, depending on intimacy with the video game, once he/she loses a lot. â€Å" insomnia and its associated daytime sleepiness had significant negative effects on cognitive functioning and impaired their subjects’ ability to perform ordinary tasks† (Johnston). â€Å"Excessive Sleepiness has been linked to learning disabilities in children and cognitive and memory problems in adults† (Johnston). If this keeps up then the next generations will become less capable than the ones before which shouldn’t happen. Remembering what you ate for breakfast will be very difficult. â€Å"Poor sleep hygiene includes an irregular sleep schedule, stimulating activities before bed†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Mayo Clinic). The ‘stimulating activities’ could translate into playing video games before you sleep. The effects of the stimulating activities causes the person to stay awake longer in bed. Some argue video games can be healthy to a person. One of the biggest positive effects video games can have on a person is the fact that makes people happy. As a result, video games have become an easy scapegoat for numerous violent tendencies and social behaviors. Video games are indeed a scapegoat, but it doesn’t hide the fact that the people who play these games as a scapegoat are neglecting themselves from the real world. These people will not get to experience what it’s really like in the real world. Based on solid scientific evidence, video games may actually fill basic human needs that the real world fails to satisfy (Shapiro). This applies to people who have social anxieties causing these people to refrain from the outside even more. The people are not completely solving their problems, only temporarily. It is not the game’s fault for these negative effects. There are millions who play the game and don’t go out and do the negatively portrayed actions on the news. The criminals mention the games’ names and blame the games. Violent games are very influential on a person. â€Å"Reality is too complicated to blame playings games, moving pictures, or letters on a page† (Parks). Games are where people get ideas from. Life is commonly sealed into one perception for a person, and curiosity comes from ideas that have never been heard of before. Addiction of video games can easily lead into obesity which is a dangerous and lethal disease. Video games create an obstacle for children. â€Å"Children today spend an average of 6 hours each day in front of the computer and TV, but less than 4 minutes a day in instructed outdoor play† (Wilderness Adventure). There is an extreme amount of physical inactivity. The calories are not burned which turn into fat later on. â€Å"Getting less than seven hours of sleep a night can cause changes in hormones that increase your appetite† (Mayo Clinic). Less sleep IS a vital cause of obesity. Eating most of your calories at night contributes to weight gain. â€Å"Overweight and obesity are linked to more deaths worldwide than underweight† (WHO). Being overweight and obese brings cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even some cancers. The obese people are not outside and running which leads into no training for the cardiovascular system. While playing video games, gamers do not pay attention to what they eat which could lead into a massive buildup of diabetes. â€Å"More than 40 million children under the age of five were overweight in 2011† (WHO). 41% of certain cancer burdens are attributable to overweight and obesity. Children who play video games fit into this category. The topic of video games being perceived as a positive thing today is growing out of hand. It’s like spreading a humongous lie to gullible innocents. Affecting social behavior in a negative manner, causing obesity, and developing insomnia are serious matters. The negative effects of playing video games are severe and the idea of playing video games should not be taken lightly.